Interpersona 3 (2) – December, 2009


Seizing, Freezing, and… Suffering? Looking at Need for Closure in Romantic Relationships
Dan Rempala

Developing a Test Battery to assess Determinants of Marital Relationship Satisfaction in Saudi Arabia
Nadia Al Tamimi, Tulika Jaiswal, Ina Grau & Rainer Banse

Love-pursuing patterns and personality traits: A preliminary study in Chinese university undergraduate students
Fangfang CAI, Wei HE, Peiwei XU, Weiwei LIANG, Hao CHAI, Hao WU, Wenjun YU, Wanzhen CHEN, Wei CHEN & Wei WANG

Sub-Saharan African Students’ Experiences, Perceptions, and Expectations with American Health Services: An Intercultural Challenge
Claudia L. McCalman & Carol M. Madere

Cultural and gender-related differences of concepts of love between Iranian and Swiss adults based on Hafez’ poetry of love
Hafez Bajoghli, Edith Holsboer-Trachsler & Serge Brand